What is HELLP Project?

HELLP (HEalth as a Lifelong Learning Process) trains future (P.E.) teachers to experience a sensitive way of communicating health topics. The students as future teachers try to implement effective impulses by developing children based health knowledge and competences for lifelong learning processes. Especially this multilayered further academic education concerning to health topics can only be organized outside the regular lecture period.

Partners in the HELLP Project

Madrid – INEF, Poznan – AWF, Wien – ZSU, Potsdam – Humfak, Berlin – IfS

Four modules and four areas of health

According to the theoretical background HELLP Project presents seminars and teaching examples for future P.E teachers corresponding to the different aspects of health.

Focussed on four modules, sed on four areas of health – Body & Measurement, Body & Time, Body & Bodies and Body & Environment

“Body and Time” focuses on aspects of time of “body and health”. For that purpose questions of individual lives (development, nutrition, …) will be taken up in the temporal dimension.
“Body and Measurement” concentrates on dimensions of health competence against the background of body centred aspects (weight, sport activity…).
“Body and Bodies” deals with social, cultural and intercultural questions of health promotion.
“Bodies and Environment” takes up questions of the shaping of personal environments (i.e. school) and susceptibility to diseases, injuries…

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